Friday, September 22, 2017

10 jokes for the boys

1 Knock knock “who's there” boo “boowho” don't cry it's just a joke.

2 Mary's mum has three children june july and who was the third child it is mary

3 the lettuce was ahead so the tomato had to ketchup      

4 What's your name …..  what colour is the sky blue what's the opposite of down up you blue up

5 what do whales eat for dinner … fish and ships

6 why did tiger go down the toilet …. To find winnie the pooh

7 why did the hedgehog cross the road to see its flat mate.

8 Knock knock “who’s there” ach “ach who” excuse you

9 who is the grossest fairy in town stinkerbell

10 if a rooster laid an egg on top of a pyramid which way would it roll. Roosters don't lay eggs              

Home work the Discombobulated town.

Home work, Rowan.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Take a trip inside my mind it’s where I go when I’m eating
I dream of being in the black caps
I can be found on the computer playing games.
At times I feel bored because I have no one to play with.
When no one is watching I watch cricket videos.
I think of being in the black caps.
I wonder if I will make it into the black caps.
My hope is to make it into the black caps.
This year I hope to get a hat trick in cricket.

By Toby