Friday, September 22, 2017

10 jokes for the boys

1 Knock knock “who's there” boo “boowho” don't cry it's just a joke.

2 Mary's mum has three children june july and who was the third child it is mary

3 the lettuce was ahead so the tomato had to ketchup      

4 What's your name …..  what colour is the sky blue what's the opposite of down up you blue up

5 what do whales eat for dinner … fish and ships

6 why did tiger go down the toilet …. To find winnie the pooh

7 why did the hedgehog cross the road to see its flat mate.

8 Knock knock “who’s there” ach “ach who” excuse you

9 who is the grossest fairy in town stinkerbell

10 if a rooster laid an egg on top of a pyramid which way would it roll. Roosters don't lay eggs              

Home work the Discombobulated town.

Home work, Rowan.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Take a trip inside my mind it’s where I go when I’m eating
I dream of being in the black caps
I can be found on the computer playing games.
At times I feel bored because I have no one to play with.
When no one is watching I watch cricket videos.
I think of being in the black caps.
I wonder if I will make it into the black caps.
My hope is to make it into the black caps.
This year I hope to get a hat trick in cricket.

By Toby


Monday, September 18, 2017

Toby's simple machine inquiry

Fidget Spinner
By Toby

What I learnt.
I didn’t know you could use 4 things to make a spinner.
I didn't know it used pull and gravity as a force.
What I used to make it!
  1. 3 Bolts
  2. Glue
  3. Bearing
  4. 2 Caps
What is the purpose?
The purpose is to stop people fidgeting
What forces does it use? Pull, gravity and air resistance.

Book Review

Book Review

Tom Gates

Written by Liz Pichon
Illustrated by Liz Pichon
By Toby
What is the book about?
The book is about a young boy named Tom who has a pretty rough life with getting in trouble alot cause of his grumpy sister Delia.
Tom gates goes to school with his friend derick but his worst friend marcus always gets him in trouble.  One day it was snowing so tom drew a snow doodle on the ground since he loves drawing but marcus tells on him.
The characters are Tom [Loves drawing], Derek [Tom’s best friend], Delia [Tom’s very grumpy sister], Tom’s Mum [very fussy], Tom’s Dad [steals treats from kitchen ALOT] , uncle Kevin [Snores super loud], Aunty alice [Snores loud], Grandma mavis [knits ugly stuff and makes weird food combinations], Grandad [likes board games and cards] and marcus [the annoying one].
Where is it set?
The book is set in america in a little school called ansdown primary
My rating of this book
5/5 this book is very well made and I recommend it. Also this book has 231 of the funniest pages in the world! There are also more books in the series
Where you can get this book.
You can purchase this book from wardini down in the village.
Who I recommend to read them
Ages 7-12 would be the perfect ages to read this book!

Napier Earthquake

Rowan Rotorua.

Apple's Potions

Mrs Macy

Human spelling

Our word was thick


The boys

Chicken Scraps